“Poem to Algonquin Park” 125 Anniversary October, 2018 (free eBook until January 1, 2019). Part 2, “Into The Interior,” now available as an eBook

I have just published a sequence of poems set in Algonquin Park, coincidental with the Park’s 125th anniversary.

The poems are based on my almost sixty years of exploring the Park.

This September, 2018, we drove up to spend a few days on Rock Lake on Algonquin’s southeast side. However, our plans were derailed by intense storms that had just wracked the area. Power outages and other hazardous conditions had closed many of the Park’s facilities.

We detoured to Canisbay Campground, the only one still open in the Park. As it happened, I had last been in Canisbay more than fifty years ago, camping with parents and sisters. This recent stay provided time for reflection, and became the inspiration for this set of poems.

The tract has been hand-assembled into ‘chapbook’ form (forest-sustainable paper and stitched with vintage Irish thread), and also eBook. It is the first installment in what will be a series relating to Algonquin Park. A second, longer volume, “Into The Interior,” is underway.

I dropped a couple of copies off at the Algonquin Art Center. There is no set cost, although a donation to the Center would be appreciated (if you can find a copy). Otherwise drop a line to jamesegarratt@gmail.com

Also available as an eBook, free, yes free, for the duration of Algonquin Park’s 125th anniversary.

November 1. Part 2 of my Algonquin Park series, “Into The Interior,” is now available as an eBook. A printed chapbook edition will be out shortly.

This second poem sequence focuses on a solo 1980’s canoe trip into the Crow River area of Algonquin Park.




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